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Environmental Justice in Virginia and Beyond

Water Alerts

UPAL has always cautioned that there are NO SAFE levels of lead. The EPA finally agrees. "We commend EPA on doing the right thing by lowering lead dust hazard standards to Zero and urge the agency to move swiftly in finalizing the standards and putting measures in place to make sure they are implemented. Many children will be spared the pangs of lead poisoning by this simple act of moral consciousness"

Queen Zakia Shabazz, Mother of a Lead Poisoned Son, Founder United Parents Against Lead & Other Environmental Hazards


The Coffeys live within 50 feet of the Boxley Asphalt Plant in Louisa County. This is a prime example of a Fence Line Community. The Coffey Family was there first. Above you see Devin Jefferson of the Science Museum of Virginia completing Installation of a Purple Air Monitor at the Coffey Residence on March 27, 2023.

We have contracted with the US Environmental Protection Agency to receive air monitors to lend to VA communities. There are currently four monitors that will be assigned on a first request basis. To have an air monitor installed at your location please call 804.370.1143.

View VEJC’s EJ Map to see additions of 5 locations that are in the throes of flooding as they strive for Coastal Resilience. VEJC partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund to engage Coastal Communities and include their stories on the Map. Here are the Results:


United Parents Against Lead and 1619 Inc. Launch a Tour of Neighborhoods in At Risk Zip Codes to Educate About Lead in Water and the Urgency to Fully Replace Lead Service Lines. Richmond’s at-risk (for lead) zip codes are: 23219, 23220, 23221, 23222, 23223, 23224 23225.

Join us at the Big Red Fire Truck

Broad Rock Park, Richmond, VA 23224

Saturday July 15, 2023 @ 6:30 pm

Coming soon to a Community Near YOU.

For More Information Call UPAL 804.308.1518 or 1619, Inc. 804.439.8515


Toxic Forever Chemicals in our water

How Long Before We Are Living the Ancient Mariners Rime?

“Water Water Everywhere / But Not a Drop to Drink”


On behalf of the Community Engagement, Environmental Justice, & Health (CEEJH) program in the University of Maryland School of Public Health, we are pleased to invite you to the CEEJH-UMD Environmental Justice & Health Disparities Symposium to be held September 11-16, 2023.

September 11-12 will be virtual. September 13 will be a live Advocacy Day. September 14-16 will be live at the University of Maryland Stamp Student Union.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. The symposium is free!

Become a VEJC Member:

VEJC Partner Agreement

The undersigned hereby represents that ______________________________ has reviewed the VEJC Vision and Mission Statement (Guidelines) and by signing this document agrees to the Partnership Commitment that is a part of those Guidelines. Specifically, the sender, as a Partner in the VEJC, agrees to operate under the procedures established by the Governance Guidelines. It agrees to operate in an open, respectful, and transparent manner when working with VEJC Partners and when conducting VEJC business. It agrees to commit time and resources to the ongoing operation and success of the VEJC.

Name of Partner Organization or Individual: _____________________________________

Signature of Partner representative to VEJC: ____________________________________

Name: _____________________________________ Date ________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

Email Address: ______________________________ Phone # _____________________

Classified as: __ Community Based (NGO) __ Green

__ Faith Based __ Academia

__ Individual __ Other - Specify: ___________

Committees I am interested in Serving On: ___ Internal Policy ___ EJ Council/Bills

___ Organizational Development ___ State Policy

___ Organizing/Outreach ___ Fundraising

Skills I bring to the Collaborative: ______________________________________________

Return to Queen Zakia Shabazz via email:

Mail to P.O. Box 24773, Richmond, VA 23224

Benefits of becoming a member:

No associated cost ~ Advocacy and policy support ~ Communications assistance

Information sharing and networking opportunities ~ Collaborative policy focused workgroups

Learning opportunities and trainings ~ Pass through grant opportunities

Thanks for your interest in the VEJC!


4809 Old Warwick Road

Richmond, VA 23224


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