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A CLEAN, HEALTHY, JUST and EQUITABLE Environment for All Virginians!

The mission of the VEJC is to build the health and wealth of communities of color, low income communities, and communities overburdened by pollution in Virginia by reducing the disproportionate impact of environmental hazards through educating, empowering, and mobilizing grassroots organizations and individuals to speak for themselves and through building an alliance to advocate for equitable policies and practices.

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Executive Order 73 Announcement  - Present are VEJC Members Kate Boyle (Appalachian Voices), Angela Harris (Southeast CARE Coalition), Josie Mace (NVM), Beth Roach (ACEJ), Dawone Robinson (NRDC), Queen Zakia Shabazz (UPAL), Harrison Wallace (CCAN).  Also shown: Quan Williams, Alden Cleanthes and Kate Addleson.  Thank you Governor McAuliffe!!!

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VEJC Board Members Monica Esparza and Gustavo Angeles with CEO Queen Shabazz at the Hub's Grand Opening Ceremony


Franklin Military Academy Color Guard opened the program to a packed audience at the opening of the Community Resiliency Hub in Petersburg April 30, 2022 

Reasons to Support and Donate to the VEJC™ 

  • Partnering for Resilient Communities and Community Solar:  Creation of a Solar Powered Community Resiliency Hub / Arm in Arm Hub Virginia Headquarters. 

  • VA Environmental Justice Mapping :

  • Building Grassroots Power through the On Current Watch Series 

  • EPA EJ Academy - The VA Region 3 EJ Academy:  1st Virtual Academy, 1st outside of Region 4 and 1st to Focus on EJ issues in a single state (VA)

  • Greenlining and Electrification - Promoting Equity in Transportation as a member of the VA TEEM Cohort

  • TCI - Exploring benefits of the Transportation Climate Initiative to EJ Communities in VA

  • Rapid Response to support Community Based Organizations during the pandemic

  • General Organizational Support - Staffing etc.

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Climate change threatens serious harm to Virginia’s people, economy and its treasured natural resources. These threats cannot be avoided simply by denying that they exist. 


As heat waves increase, the risk of heat-related illnesses and deaths in Virginia will grow. Coastal flooding, which already threatens Norfolk and the Hampton Roads area, is likely to worsen as sea levels rise.  


As we address and clean up the Chesapeake Bay Watershed we must also acknowledge the Chesapeake’s Airshed which covers a much larger area than the Watershed itself.  For several years Richmond, VA held the distinction of being the Asthma Capital of the U.S. The biggest offenders are pollution, particulates and poverty.


Environmental racism is a type of discrimination where people of low-income or minority communities are forced to live in close proximity of environmentally hazardous or degraded environments, such as toxic waste, pollution and urban decay.  While other communities get to say NOT IN MY BACK YARD.


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