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Tidewater Air Monitoring Evaluation Project

DEQ is working with two Tidewater communities—Lambert’s Point in Norfolk and the East End Community in Newport News—to study and reduce the potential health risks associated with dust coming from nearby coal storage and transportation facilities. This project, called the Tidewater Air Monitoring Evaluation project, or TAME, will measure and analyze toxic metals and particulates in the air in the study area, and will use this information to conduct health risk assessments. TAME will involve community members throughout the study to help them understand and improve health outcomes.

Coal has been transported through these communities since at least 1885, and community members have long expressed concerns about potential health effects from coal dust. Currently, the coal terminals in the East End Community and at Lambert’s Point are used as transport areas for rail cars shipping coal internationally. Although the amount of particulates associated with coal dust remain lower than the national “standard,” or maximum level, in these communities, coal dust is known to contain metals, which may be present in amounts that impact health. The results of the study and health risk assessments conducted by the Virginia Department of Health will be compared to the existing 2014 National Air Toxics Assessment, which modeled that risk of cancer due to toxic metals in both communities is approximately 30 per million residents. By collecting more local air quality information, DEQ and community members will be able to better understand public health risks, and will help determine if there is need for long term particulate or air toxics monitoring sites in these communities.

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Join DEQ at workshops to learn more about air quality sensors that are coming to the Lamberts Point and East End communities. These sensors will measure air pollution and provide real-time information that can help people protect themselves.

Lambert's Point Air Sensor Workshop

When: Thursday, July 14 from 6:30 - 8 p.m. Where: Lambert's Point Community Center, 1251 W. 42nd St., Norfolk, VA 23508

East End Air Sensor Workshop

When: Thursday, July 28 from 6:30 - 8 p.m. Where: C. Waldo Scott Center - 3100 Wickham Ave, Newport News, VA 23607

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