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Petersburg Hub Presents Black Excellence Exhibition

United Parents Against Lead and Other Environmental Hazards’ Community Resiliency Hub invites the Virginia community to a first Black Art showcase in Petersburg.

It's time to talk about Black excellence, talk about Black pain, and Black resilience. But talking about how and in what way Blacks show masterful abilities, especially in creative work and under the conditions of structural restrictions that hinder artists' aspirations, is now completely appropriate. There is a legacy of systematic neglect on the one hand and exploitation on the other that colors perceptions of difference among Black artists and broader audiences. "Black Excellence" can be understood as a rallying cry, a goal, or just a cliché.

Through this exhibition, we hope to celebrate the talents of local Black artists, each with their own unique history, careers, experiences, talents, and inspirations. The gallery features different but equally poignant interpretations of how Black reality needs to change for a better future. While their work is varied, all artists share a passion for embodying the perfection of Blackness. As an organizer, the Petersburg Community Resiliency Hub has the honor to visually and physically convey the creative interventions that these artists carry out in the world and their power to win.

Equal opportunity for Everyone

Removing traditional concepts such as masculine and feminine and calling on the viewer to embrace the intersections of all their emotions, range of meanings, and interpretations is what really makes this exhibition unique. Everyone, from beginners to established artists, can make an impact through mutual support and recognition of the dedication of Black artists to the community.

Come and Enjoy an Evening of Great Black Excellence

Join the first Black Excellence exhibit featuring local Black artists, musical performances, and live woodblock prints. Invite friends and family to the Petersburg Community Resiliency Hub for a night of cultural interaction. This exhibition is a great opportunity to get acquainted with famous artists, as well as communicate with the creative and artistic community of Petersburg!

More exciting things like cultural evening, music and dance performance with lots of fun activities awaits. Don't wait. Book your ticket now!


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