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Our Partner Virginia Organizing

The Virginia Organizing is the state's non-partisan community organization dedicated to fighting inequality by empowering people in their communities to address issues that affect their quality of life. Those who have traditionally had little or no say in our society are especially encouraged to participate in the Virginia Organizing. The Virginia Organizing works to build relationships with individuals and groups across the state to get them to work together in a democratic and non-violent way for change.

Regardless of ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, employment, geographic location, age, or ability, Virginia Organizing and VEJC help people who have never been engaged before and who are directly affected by issues related to others who have already struggled with communities issues. Seminars on deconstructing racism, understanding economics, community organizing, and developing leadership skills are hosted by the Virginia Organizing.

Based on a capacity review conducted each spring, the Virginia Organizing works on a wide range of issues each year. In recent years, the Virginia Organizing has focused on health care reform, economic justice, and racial justice, such as biased policing and the transition from school to prison. Women's issues and climate change were added to the Virginia Organizing's list of priorities in 2015. Other important campaigns on issues include campaigns against predatory lending, restoring voting rights to former criminals, immigration reform, and protecting Medicare and Social Security.

The Virginia Organizing is made up of fifteen regional chapters that work together to coordinate civic engagement and guide action locally and statewide. The Virginia Organizing and all of its chapters support the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) as well as other center-left issues such as higher taxes for Virginians, an aggressive interpretation of LGBT rights, and liberal expansionist immigration reform. Although Virginia Organizing's staff is small, two employees, John P. Myers and Amy Costant, were paid six-figure wages in previous years. Amy Costant is the founder of Virginia Organizing's partner organization, Science Communication Network.

Virginia Organizing has more than a dozen partner organizations, and VO collects donations for many of them, some of which do not have their own nonprofit status. Virginia Organizing partners with more than 40 groups across the state to help their efforts in the areas of environment, education, transportation, human rights, and community support.

Virginia Organizing is a statewide community organization committed to fighting inequality by empowering people in their communities to address issues that affect their quality of life. The Virginia Organizing, as an impartial group, invites participation from people who have traditionally had little or no voice in our society. The Virginia Organizing seeks to encourage individuals and groups across the state to work together democratically and nonviolently for change by building relationships with them.

Please visit our website if you would like to learn more about Virginia Organizing.

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