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Mosaic Movement Infrastructure RFP Coming October 24th

Hello, We hope this note finds you well. We’re excited to notify you that Mosaic, a national grantmaking initiative strengthening field-wide movement infrastructure, will be launching its third Movement Infrastructure RFP on October 24th. By bolstering connections and shared resources across the environmental field instrumental to the success of all social movements—communications, advocacy tools, training, leadership development, and more—Mosaic seeks to support the people and organizations working to ensure clean air and water, a safe climate, and healthy and just communities for all. We are in the midst of a critical movement moment in a pivotal decade. The pace and scale of environmental challenges continue to accelerate. But now more than ever there is the potential to make significant progress in a short timeframe because of a set of landmark policies. On October 24th, Mosaic will open a $5.5 million RFP to support local to national movement infrastructure that enhances diverse and collaborative implementation of four key statutes and initiatives – the Inflation Reduction Act, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Justice40, and 30x30. Our goal is to move resources quickly to maximize the climate, environmental, and community benefits now possible, and ensure no community bears disproportionate burdens as this effort unfolds.

Social movement infrastructure is required to meet this high-stakes, decentralized, and complex task, one that requires a new level of effective coordination amongst thousands of advocates and activists, as well as new capacity. We can make the most progress if everyone is engaged and connected — with authentic bridges and bonds across the movement. Mosaic’s Governance Assembly will seek project proposals that advance six areas of field-wide movement infrastructure (see visual). Projects should be collaborative by design, engage and benefit multiple stakeholders, and create shared tools that are widely beneficial to movement members.

We will follow up on October 24th to share more details about the funding opportunity. In the meantime, we encourage you to sign up for an information session next month to learn more about this opportunity:

  • November 4th (11-12 PT / 2-3 ET) - register here

  • November 16th (11-12 PT / 2-3 ET) - register here

We look forward to being back in touch soon, and please feel free to reach out with any questions for our team in the meantime! Best, The Mosaic Team

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