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Join Efforts to Halt the MVP. Tell a Friend

Next Saturday, August 5th we are planning a great event near the MVP Crossing of the Greenbrier River. MVP has moved to the banks of the river and construction across the river may start soon. We would love to have you join us for this event. There is a Facebook Event that you can sign up or just click the Registration link. You don't have to register, but it would be helpful so we can make final plans to guestimate how to plan for the day.

This event is to be held at the Graham House at Lowell, between Talcott and Pence Springs. Ceremony begins at 2 PM. Float on the Greenbrier Starts at 11 but people going need to be at the Graham House by 10 AM. Come early, bring something to eat or drink if you can. Great people Great fellowship, Great music, Great River. For xore information please leave me or Autumn Crowe a message.

Here are the links:

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