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Join Arm in Arm to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline in August

Dear Queen Zakia,

I’m writing to invite you as a USCAN Voting Participant to join us in standing up to the Mountain Valley Pipeline. As USCAN member and friend Queen Shabazz tells us, this pipeline is pushing pollution into poor and minority communities and we know that with the climate crisis we need to stop this and other pipelines from being built! Read Queen's article here.

Join us! The event password is NoMorePipelines

Climate justice and racial justice activists from across the region will be training together and taking action together to demand the immediate stop to the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. We decided to prioritize this action together at an Arm in Arm spokes council for this region on May 15, and now it’s time to recruit!

We will also be holding the first meeting of the USCAN Action team on ending fossil fuels AT this meeting, so please make sure to attend if you are interested in that action team.

We’d also love to add your organization as an endorser of this action, so please let us know if you’d like us to add your organization name to the invitation here.

And most importantly, we hope you can join us on a bus from DC/Harrisonburg, VA, Richmond/Charlottesville, and/or Pittsburgh, PA/Morgantown, WV. If you will make your own way to join us, you can also do so here. Please register for this journey here, password is NoMorePipelines.

All the best,

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