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Grand Opening of First Solar-Powered Community Resiliency Hub in Petersburg, Virginia

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

The City of Petersburg, Virginia celebrated the opening of the first solar-powered Community Resiliency Hub on April 30. Led by United Parents Against Lead (UPAL) and Virginia Environmental Justice Collaborative (VEJC), under the direction of Queen Zakia Shabazz, the hubs development has been years in the making.

The Community Resiliency Hub will offer training and certifications, including Lead, Mold and Healthy Homes Programs. Once battery storage is installed, the Hub will provide a source of power for residents to find shelter, power electronics, prepare food, and interact with community members in the event of an outage.

In addition to the hub opening, the Mayor of Petersburg, Mayor Samuel Parham, proclaimed April 30th Community Resiliency Day (pictured with Queen Shabazz above)!

Clean Energy Group is proud to have supported UPAL and VEJC in their efforts to build community resilience by providing funding for the initial solar and battery storage feasibility assessment as well as funding that supports local job training initiatives.

To learn more about the hub visit VEJC.

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