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Updated: Apr 10, 2022

April is National Lead Awareness Month United Parents Against Lead & Other Environmental Hazards (UPAL) instituted an annual call to action that brings together people, organizations, businesses, tribes, federal, state and municipal governments to raise awareness of lead poisoning prevention. United Parents Against Lead (UPAL) is a national network of parents of children exposed to lead. Its goal is to eliminate the threat of lead poisoning and other environmental hazards through AWARENESS, EDUCATION, ADVOCACY, INTERVENTION and RESOURCE REFERRAL. Founded by Parents of Lead Poisoned Children, UPAL is committed to protecting the basic rights of all children to live in a safe and healthy environment. We share a common experience and love for children, and we know firsthand the consequences of lead poisoning and the irreversible harm and suffering caused by this preventable disease. Parents’ voices must be heard and their views and lived experiences taken into account in national health discussions grounded in the fact that the health and safety of children are ultimately everyone's responsibility. UPAL reports on anti-lead paint demonstrations, stakeholder participation, educational events in schools, social media outreach, TV and radio broadcasts, information boards in public places, and demands for legislative action. United Parents Against Lead (UPAL) highlights the various ways parents and caregivers can reduce their children's lead exposure and prevent harmful health effects from lead. Lead Awareness Month in April aims to raise awareness of the health effects of lead exposure, highlight initiatives by governments and partners to reduce lead exposure in children and accelerate efforts to phase out lead in paint and the replacements of lead service lines across the U.S. Despite widespread recognition of the negative impacts of lead and the fact that many countries have taken action, health professionals and public health authorities around the world remain concerned about lead exposure, especially in children. UPAL has advocated for a lead-safe world since 1996. Join us this year by donating to UPAL at Contact us at 804.308.1518. A CHILD IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE!

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