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Black And Brown Communities Disproportionately Exposed To PFAS

A new study by Harvard researchers finds that communities of color are more exposed to per- and polyfluorinated substances, the toxic “forever chemicals” colloquially known as PFAS. These chemicals used in industrial facilities, military fire training areas, airports and waste facilities have been linked to cancer and other illnesses. The study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, examined over 44,000 water samples from nearly 8,000 communities across 18 states and found that Black and brown people face significantly greater odds of receiving water contaminated with PFAS compared to white communities. It’s the first peer reviewed study to examine the relationship between PFAS contamination and risk in communities of color. Lead author Jahred Liddie told Grist, “We know that there’s the forces of discrimination, segregation that kind of shape how pollution around the U.S. is patterned.” Historic redlining cited industrial sites that are often the source of PFAS and other pollution near communities of color. (Grist, Axios,

Biden Admin Wants To Allow Conservationists To Lease Federal Land: The US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has proposed opening leasing of federal land to conservationists, giving them the chance to compete with the oil, mining, and grazing interests who are already allowed to bid for access to federal land and its resources. BLM Director Tracy Stone-Manning told the AP that the proposed changes would address rising pressure from climate change and development. “It makes conservation an equal among the multiple uses that we manage for,” Stone-Manning said. “There are rules around how we do solar development. There are rules around how we do oil and gas. There have not been rules around how we deliver on the portions of (federal law) that say, ‘Manage for fish and wildlife habitat, manage for clean water.’” BLM has a history of more industry-leaning policies for the more than 1 million square kilometers of land the agency manages, an area twice the size of California. Public hearings on the proposal will begin this week and continue throughout the summer. (AP, The Hill, Fox News)

Environmental Campaigner Freed Early From Vietnamese Prison: Nguy Thi Khanh, the founder of the GreenID Vietnam campaign group and one of Vietnam’s leading environmental activists has been freed from prison five months early. Khanh was imprisoned for not paying enough tax on prize money she received for winning the Goldman environmental award. She won the award due to her work bringing scientific research on the impacts of coal to Vietnamese state agencies and officials, and advocating for a cleaner, more sustainable energy system and future. Khanh posted to her Facebook page that she had, “endless happiness to be back in the midst of family’s love, to meet and hug loved ones after 16 months of being isolated.” (Climate Home News)

Climate News

(ENVIRONMENTAL) INJUSTICE: Devon Parfait, Louisiana tribal chief, on climate change and preserving customs (Teen Vogue), Getting a silent killer out of the kitchen (Washington Post $)

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Denier Roundup

#LaGiustaCausa: Italian Oil Giant Eni Is Latest Corporation To Face Climate Lawsuit

Exxon knew. Shell knew. Total knew. BP knew. Chevron knew. Now, we’re finding out that Eni also allegedly knew about the dangers of burning fossil fuels, and instead of warning the world and leading the transition to green energy, the Italian oil company chose to trick the public and harm the planet in order to rake in massive profits, just like all the other oil corporations.

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