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The Pine Grove Historical Marker Unveiling Ceremony was truly a blessed occasion!

Our hearts are still full and overflowing with love, joy, and appreciation for every: act of kindness, attendee, board member, community member, donation, family member, organizational partner, supporter, vendor, and volunteer. Without you, Saturday's historic day would not have been possible!!!

We cannot say enough to those who’ve been with us from the beginning; those who watched us plant the seed as a grassroots organization and have helped water/nourish or supported us as we have blossomed into a non-profit organization. We had no idea, that 5 short years later, God and our ancestors would elevate us to where we are today; above obstacles, above continual challenges as we remain steadfast and unmovable in our journey to “PRESERVE HISTORY, EXPAND COMMUNITY”!

To view the full note of thanks, please visit and like our Facebook page: AMMD Pine Grove Project page.

Also, if you’d like to purchase a commemorative souvenir journal from the event, please visit:

Looking ahead,

~Sonja and Viola

Historical Marker Ceremony Co-Chairs

school photo credit: Niya Bates

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