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Four Gen Awards 2018 - Queen Zakia Shabazz - Baby Boomer Generation

Four Gen Awards 2018 - Queen Zakia Shabazz - Baby Boomer Generation

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Queen Zakia Shabazz, VEJC CEO


Queen Zakia Shabazz

Queen Zakia Shabazz is an author, educator, lecturer,  and environmental justice advocate. Her work began in 1996 when she discovered that her young son had been poisoned by lead, prompting her to establish United Parents Against Lead (UPAL). UPAL is a national networking organization of and for parents of children poisoned by lead that works to end the threat of lead poisoning and other environmental hazards through education and awareness, advocacy, intervention, and resource referral.    


In addition to serving as executive director of UPAL, Shabazz is a local Stand for Children Organizer, a position she's held since 1996. She currently serves as Coordinator of the Virginia Environmental Justice Collaborative (VEJC) and is a member of the Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative. Shabazz is an inaugural Community Partners in Residence Fellow at the University of Richmond, and a former elementary school teacher. As an advocate for Adult Literacy she has served as a READ Center Board member and on the advisory board of the Senate Joint Subcommittee Studying Lead Poisoning Prevention. Shabazz continues to provide valuable insight, time and dedication towards the eradication of lead poisoning.  


Queen Shabazz holds a bachelor's in business administration and a paralegal certificate specializing in real estate and civil litigation. She is also a notary public and a 2019 graduate of the EPA's Environmental Justice Academy.  

Tamara A. Dickerson is a mother, educator, entrepreneur, consultant, and advocate for Environmental Justice.  She holds a Master’s degree in Education, where she used her influence as an educator to bring awareness to environmental issues and topics. She worked as a member of her school’s Green and Recycling Committee and as Chairperson for the Social Studies Committee, to help bring sustainable practices to her school environment. As an educator and activist, she has worked tirelessly teaching the value of environmentally safer practices. In addition, she has organized workshops/seminars on a variety of environmental issues and advocates for urban farming, watershed protection and land preservation and more.  Tamara brings personal, and scholarly perspectives to her current position as Coordinator. 

The VEJC is undergoing reorganization pending election of New board members.

Board Vacancy As of

FEB 1, 2023

Board Vacancy As of Feb 6, 2023

Board Vacancy As of
January 30, 2023

Board Vacancy As of Feb,10,2023

Board Vacancy as of January 17, 2023

Sylvina Poole is the Communications Manager for VAEJC. She is a motivated communications professional with specialties in print, radio, television and publishing. Punctual professional with keen multi-tasking abilities, organizational capabilities, time management skills, and an infallible record of meeting tight deadlines.

Since 1988, she has worked as a senior journalist for the Metro Section of the Richmond Times Dispatch, Virginia Business Magazine, Metropolitan Business Magazine, the Afro American Newspaper and the Voice Newspaper.


Sylvina has worked for Fortune 500 businesses as well as start-up organizations to deliver powerful and effective messages to their target audiences. Other accomplishments include contractor for the Richmond City Business Development department to teach budding small business owners about media relations and marketing. Successful completion of the Grant writing certification at Virginia Commonwealth University.


Sylvina Poole
Communications Manager 

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